“Knuckled” and “when prayer becomes //” forthcoming in West Trade Review


“Bless you for the leaving” in Anti-Heroin Chic

“In(ner)sight” in The Broken Plate

“The Bread of Life Left Me Hungry” in Turnpike Magazine

“The Pills Made Me Dream in Oceans” in Open Minds Quarterly

“self-defense as message in a bottle” in Little Patuxent

Slaughter as Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” in Brave Voices Magazine

“if it helps me heal, then yes, i’ll unanchor the memories” in CONSUMPTION by Tiny Spoon Magazine


“Ode to the Ravens Masquerading as Crows” in Glass Mountain

“Ascension as Body Mass” in Big Muddy

“On Being Holy” in The Olive Press


“The Art of Making Love”, “Animal Tongues”, and “Salt Tears” in The 3288 Review

“I swear, I’m sugar” and “Hospitals are Where the Heart Is: A History” by The Speakeasy Project

“thanks to me, everybody will be dancing in space” in Young Ravens Lit Review

“I entered the cave and never left” by Zoetic Press

“The Question of Bodies” in Visual Verse

“If I Could Fly” in Hidden Constellation

“summer nights as smoke detector” and “Ascension as Body Mass” in Left Hooks

“Mr & Mrs” in Raising Her Voice: An Anthology of Women Writers by The Same and nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize

“Bliss at 3 AM” and “My Anxious Lips” in Issue III by The Borfski Press

“Sometimes I’m inside and outside at the same time” and “When the Wait is a Form of Hunting” in [insert yourself here]: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by The Paragon Journal


BANG, BANG” and “I hate swimming in oceans” in The Broken Plate: Spring 2016 Issue

Moon Kisses” in Gnarled Oak

“Property Values Rise; Neighborhood Gets a Facelift”, “Kite Catcher”, “Spiders in Spinning Skirts”, and “Perhaps the gods wanted us to be wildflowers” in Sweater Weather

“Papa, Why?” in InWords

“Boys will be Boys will be Boys” in NonBinary Review

“The Person Seated Across the Aisle” in Pine Hills Review

Darling, Jump in the Patti Smith fanzine

enouement in damselfly press

Life in Twos in Barking Sycamores and in the Barking Sycamores Year 2 Anthology

Things I See on Bike Ridesninety-fivePilgrimage (nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize), and haiku in Mouse Tales Press

Burdens on a Weekday Morning in a Restaurant on the Way to Alabama in Voices (placed third in the student category of Dyer Ives Foundation poetry contest judged by Mark Doty)

“Chord in D Minor” – finalist, GVSU Poetry Prize


“Yardstick Deep in Society” by Michigan Student Power Network

“Loon Song” in The Maine Review

“You&AGlobe” by Science Rhymes

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