An amazing nonfiction piece from my friend, Paige Leland

Nothing improves the memory more than trying to forget. – Unknown Since the 2000s, researchers have been studying the storage space of the human brain. According to Paul Reber—a professor of psychology at Northwestern University—if we were to measure how many gigabytes of memory our brains can store, the answer would be over one million, […]

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22 Ways To Be a Good Literary Citizen Without Spending A Dime

I really like these ideas for those who do not have financial means to support writers!

The Sundress Blog

Want to be a good literary citizen? On a tight budget? At Sundress we came together to bring you 22 ways that you can be a good literary citizen–for free.

1. Attend free shows.


Support your local poets by showing up to hear them read! Faces in the crowd are such an encouragement to a poet, especially if you approach them afterwards to let them know what you enjoyed about their reading. It is an easy way to become part of a community. Find events near you here: or look up your local writing groups and libraries.

2. Trade books you have read for books you haven’t read: what better way to discover new literature than from other readers?


Whether you get together with a few friends and trade paperbacks over a glass of wine, or hold an advertised community book exchange, this is a great way to refresh…

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The Spoils of War by Siaara Freeman

“when they killed Trayvon Martin

a congested swamp of Florida bones settled in my chest.”


Chicago Literati

The Hood Says Ase’            


is love





-blessed are those

who catch it.


“ Pantoum: To : Anne Coutler”

we are torn, old stamps licked in the same wound daily, stuck to each other.

I will remember where I was when they killed Trayvon Martin

Anne Coulter says: “her blacks are better than our blacks.”

exactly how many blacks you got over there Anne?

I will remember where I was when they killed Trayvon Martin

a congested swamp of Florida bones settled in my chest.

exactly how many blacks you got over there Anne?

are they all still alive?

a congested swamp of Florida bones settled in my chest.

I hope my one day son won’t be one of your blacks

are they all still alive?

do your blacks make it Anne?

I hope my one day son…

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“Slam poetry group performs at high school”

March 18, 2016

Diatribe _ Ionia HS.jpg

Check out The Diatribe’s write-up from Ionia Sentinel-Standard! A huge, heartfelt thank you to the staff and students from Ionia High School for allowing us to teach, inspire, and open up conversation around issues like bullying, loss, mental health, and identity.

Interested in booking The Diatribe at your own school or organization? Let us know!

2016 Update

I have been busy, busy, busy! My poetry has been published nearly a dozen times in the past eight months, and I’ve been freelancing for Awesome Mitten and continuing to work with A Father’s Walk, mainly in fundraising and grantwriting. I’ve been brought to several university campuses to speak and perform my poetry, and I’ve also been running weekly workshops with Diatribe all over Michigan. My poetry series, the V-Card series, about sexual assault is nearly finished, and it’s been getting awesome attention. I’m set to graduate at the end of April, and I am so excited! I’m currently in the process of looking for a solid 15-20 part-time development or community outreach position at a nonprofit.

My most up-to-date information and full resume can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Digital Portfolio, Summer 2015

Welcome to my digital portfolio. My name is Kelsey May. I’m a senior attending Grand Valley State University. This summer, I conducted five internships, juggling tasks and learning about different work environments and settings. My main internship which earned me three credits toward graduation was at Exodus Place, a nonprofit organization located in southwest Grand Rapids. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences and learned more about what I want to do professionally upon graduation. You can browse the different sections of this website to see what kinds of tasks I accomplished.

Internship Responsibilities

I’ve been added to the Exodus Place team this summer, where I’ve been busy writing social media posts, newsletter stories, donation request letters, and assisting in redesigning the website. It’s been a packed summer, and we’ve seen the community awareness grow through our efforts. This week, I’m helping get the word out that we have available beds for eight new residents.

Hello world!


Thank you for checking out my portfolio! I’ve learned so much in my internship and am even more excited to begin using my degree after graduation!

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