“Don’t Talk About It”

Tove Lo released a new album last month, filled with her usual pop and electronic jams and powerful lyrics.

In particular, “Don’t Talk About It” analyzes the unhealthy friend groups or family settings we find ourselves in, those ones where tension, disagreements, or even topics like politics or religion are swept “under the rug.” But we continue associating with these people because we’re “loving the highs” that being part of the club brings. (This line also alludes to drug use and the sometimes toxic climate that can bring.)

“We can take perfect pictures,” Tove Lo sings, tying our generation’s yearning for attention and approval to our willingness to put up with less-than-ideal relationships. If you feel this line hit home: “The world is beautiful, so why don’t you feel anything?”, perhaps you should re-evaluate who you spend your time with and what purpose your life serves. The world is beautiful, and your heart should be too – beautiful, healthy, and content.


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